San Antonio de Benagéber (Valencia)

We invite you to come with us when you want to buy or sell your home, with direct and personalised attention.
We have very special and exclusive Luxury Home and New Build properties.

With our work we collaborate with SVPAP (Valencian Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants)

Social responsibility and commitment to our animals are important points in which we collaborate effectively and intensively.


Services offered by ART Inmobiliaria

Energy consultancy

Energy management and consultancy for small businesses and large companies. Our experience, like our clients, is our guarantee.

Energy Efficiency Certification

Owners who want to rent or sell their property must have an energy certificate. It is a report issued by an approved technician, in order to rate the energy consumption required by each home. It is graded from A to G. It is valid for 10 years..

Legal and tax advice

Legal advice on the registry situation of the property: state of encumbrances, mortgages, embargoes, resolutory conditions, limitations of sale, inheritance situation, divorces, joint ownership, among others. Tax advice on the expenses and taxes inherent in the sale and purchase of property.

New construction and architectural projects

The budget and a job well done is usually one of the most important factors when carrying out any reform or improvement in your home. Selection of the best professionals from different sectors (masonry, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, etc.) to offer you the best solution adapted to your needs.

Home Staging

Preparing a home for sale on the property market. The aim of staging is to make a house attractive to as many potential buyers as possible, thus selling a property more quickly and for more money.

Swimming pool and garden

Specialised, regular or occasional pool and garden maintenance. Treatments established and applied by our experts, either preventive or problem solving. Pool construction and design of your outdoor space.

Removals and storage

Emptying of homes and furniture storage. We take care of dismantling them, taking them down and transporting them from your home to a Clean Point or Waste Treatment Centre. We can pick up anything from a simple piece of old furniture, to emptying a whole building and cleaning it thoroughly so that you can use it the next day.


All kinds of options in order to get closer to your ideal, especially rental protection insurance. Contract with us the best insurance policy and cover your needs at any time and in any area.

Valuation and financing

Valuation according to market value, a visit to the property by an architect or engineer is absolutely essential. If you need an objective and professional valuation of your property, do not hesitate to call us. Getting a mortgage is not an easy task, but with the help of a professional, it is. Ask for an appointment with our financial advisor and he will get you the best conditions on the market.

Property maintenance

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors when presenting your property on the real estate market. There is a growing demand from our clients for this service and it has arisen as a result of wanting to stand out from the rest and offer their property in optimum conditions. Have your house impeccable at very little cost.


Guarantee, confidence and security in all work. You need to give your home a new look.


We protect against any type of intrusion. Your home will be protected against an attempted squatting. Total protection, inside and outside the home.


We have
all types of
so that you can find
your perfect choice.



We offer you all
housing options
with highly



We design your
home to fit
your exact requirements.



Novelty, efficiency and
design are advantages
that this type of housing offers.


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