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We are a company dedicated to energy management and consultancy for SMEs and large companies. Our experience, like our clients, is our guarantee.

Work carried out in an exhaustive and controlled manner.
Direct and specific treatment, according to the needs of our clients, totally personalised.

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Your savings are our goal. Our professionalism and confidence will be your success.

We offer you a team of technical staff with more than 12 years of experience in the sector, based on the constant changes reflected in the BOE, as well as the most beneficial offers for your company, through the different electricity/gas suppliers existing in the current energy market, carrying out a perfect administrative procedure before the system operator, Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the electricity market (OMIE), the distributor and the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).


We seek the greatest possible savings for our customers by closely monitoring an optimum contract both in the price per Kw/h, power and ATR tariff".

We are very familiar with the items on the bill subject to regulated prices, the distribution of consumption in the different periods and the cost of penalties in order to obtain the most beneficial contractual conditions for your company or home.

We review and analyse your energy contracts and the contracted conditions to guarantee that your contract is the best option for your company and the best price according to your consumption and your profile.

We negotiate the best contract and costs for your consumption, so that you only pay for what you consume at the best price, saving you time and money. We ensure your loyalty with professional, clear and quality work.

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Tailor-made contracting for our clients.
Review of periodic invoices.
Study of the most suitable offers via the different marketers.
Power optimisation.
Detection of billing errors.
Processing of claims for errors if they are detected.
Support and processing of modifications and new contract registrations.
Detection of reactive energy and its elimination through the installation of capacitor banks.
Equipment for the complete control of an optimal supply.
Processing of various certificates.

Methods of contracting
1. Indexed price.
2. Fixed price.
3. Contracting without and with ATR.
4. Low, medium and high voltage tariffs.

We offer complementary services linked to our sector
Photovoltaic energy installations
Capacitor banks.
Energy management, analysis and control software.

Estudio de mercado ART Inmobiliaria
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